In this class you are going to create your first webpage, and it is going to be live on the internet. You will learn the basics of how the internet works, and a little bit of the coding languages HTML and CSS. I am only going to teach you the core things you need to know to get started with making you own webpages. The resources that we are using in this course are free, so you can continue to build websites on your own at no additional costs.

Hi, I’m Mr. Manning

I am a licensed and experienced teacher. I have a degree in Political Science, but through a series of strange events ended up being asked to teach Technology. I taught myself how to code and create cool things, specifically for the purpose of showing Middle and High School students how to transition from kiddie coding, to the real thing.

Now I want to bring the things I have learned about coding, art music, and teaching, to a broader audience. I hope you enjoy my classes.